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The Beginning of Something Great

The Beginning of Something Great

The Pandemic is over and more employers are calling people back in to work. There is no more hiding behind a computer screen and our days of wearing pajamas to an office meeting are coming to an end. If your like me you may have gained a few unwanted pounds during the last three years. I embrace my plush body but I still have not found the right size fit for my love cushions, lol. Sometimes I get the blues when it comes to shopping inside and outside of my stores, it seems like the designer do not understand the plush size community. I am still running into frocks, smaller sizing, and awkward fit. These are some of the main reasons of why I started my online store. As a vendor I buy quality merchandise that can be washed, worn twice, and offers true sizing. I want women of all walks of life to flaunt their curves with confidence. My brand statement says, have your cake and it eat it too and yes you can. I put together a few fall outfits that can compliment any event. These looks can be dressed up or down. Add your own flare to them and girl strut your stuff. Happy Fall. 


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