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Fall for Fall Fashion

Fall for Fall Fashion

Oh, how I love Fall. This is the season of festive color, glitz, and glam. You may be wondering what the dos and don’ts for this season are. We’ll have I got news for you! Everything is in. Peplum tops and dresses have become an essential part of our wardrobes for past several years. Although some fashionistas may think it’s time to give these styles a rest, we are not. Girl wears your peplum with pride and maybe pair it with a print or pattern. Sweaters and tights are also sure thing, and I am here for it. Sport your white, I promise serial mom will not show up. Layer it up, it’s all about character each layer represents a piece of you. And finally accessorize, belts, hat, and jewelry can turn a plan outfit into a work of art. 

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